“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
and the leopard shall lie down with the kid,
and the calf and the lion and the fatling together,
and a little child shall lead them.
They shall not hurt or destroy
in all my holy mountain;
for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea.”


Isaiah 11:6,9

Inspiration for Gubbio

Saint Francis of Assisi is known for his affinity and love for creation and all of God’s creatures. One such story of Saint Francis involves the taming of a tyrant wolf who terrorized a small village in Italy named Gubbio. The town was deeply afraid of the wolf who killed them and their livestock. Besieged in their own homes, the citizens of Gubbio needed someone to deliver them from the monster that threatened their destruction. Saint Francis, upon encountering their plight, went out to meet the wolf. Using the power of the sign of the cross, Saint Francis tamed the wolf and reconciled the people of Gubbio with this creature.


It is said that no other saint has lived the Gospel as unfiltered and dynamically as Saint Francis of Assisi. His charismatic, missionary faith inspires all Christians to a joyful, simple and unwavering faith in the Gospel. The paradox of the cross is that Jesus was made sin for us that we might have life. It was Jesus’ death that conquered death, and his cross which made peace with fallen humanity. Gubbio reflects this fundamental truth. There is no evil too great that the Cross of Christ cannot conquer and reign victorious. God’s justice is creative through His mercy and grace to cause the source of our sin, our pain, or the evil in our lives to be transformed into the very sign of our victory.

"Saint Francis instructs the Wolf" Engraving by Carl Weidemeyer-Worpswede

Saint Francis of Assisi has accompanied me on my pilgrim journey of faith from the beginning. He was my patron saint at my Confirmation. After my conversion and return to Confession in college, Saint Francis became an immediate mentor and guide for how I was to live and grow this newfound faith. As a missionary after college, I served at Saint Francis of Assisi Newman Center. My formation was greatly impacted during this season by the Franciscan Charism. After my service as a missionary was complete, and God called me into the vocation of marriage, the Holy Spirit led me to serve at a Franciscan Medical Center with Saint Francis of Assisi as the patron. Gubbio is my small offer of thanksgiving in return to God for His abundant goodness to me, a poor sinner.

"The Wolf of Gubbio" by Luc Oliver Merson
The Remnants

Gubbio represents the Franciscan Charism. The most prominent feature of Gubbio is the San Damiano Cross under which Saint Francis heard God’s command to rebuild His Church. The rosary centerpiece is a miscast miraculous medal rejected for regular rosary making. The brown knots reflect the brown habit many Franciscan communities wear. The green knots are a tribute to Saint Francis’ affinity and respect for God’s creation and creatures. The variegated black knots honor the wolf Gubbio – fierce but converted. Lastly, the red knots honor the stigmata that Saint Francis received, and his sharing in the bodily wounds of Jesus Christ.

Gubbio's Missionary Journey

Prayer Intentions for Gubbio

Conversion of sinners and an outpouring of repentance

Stewardship of creation and safeguarding of human dignity

Safety, deliverance and courage for those persecuted by terrorism, particularly terrorism motivated by erroneous religious beliefs

That the Holy Spirit would raise up peacemakers upon the earth to restore true unity to humanity
For the faithful remnant and the intentions of all who pray with Gubbio
Particular prayer intentions of the individual praying with Gubbio


Pray the Rosary using Gubbio. Please pray the general prayer intentions listed above and include your own personal prayer intentions.


Check-in that you have prayed using Gubbio. Be sure to include your name, where you live, and your personal prayer intentions you prayed during your Rosary with Gubbio.

Pass Gubbio On

Give Gubbio to someone you know who will faithfully pray a Rosary with her. This will continue Gubbio‘s missionary journey to spread the Gospel and resurrect true culture!

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Family, Infertility of many friends, strengthening of marriages, healing of mind and emotions of loved ones, conversion of souls, special intention

Conversion of minds and hearts, and the healing of those with mental illness. -- September 28, 2017