Rosary Resources

“Through the rosary we allow ourselves to be guided by Mary, the model of faith, in meditating on the mysteries of Christ. Day after day she helps us to assimilate the Gospel, so that it gives a form to our life as a whole.”


— Pope Benedict XVI —

Prayer Apps


A free Catholic prayer & meditation app, including guided daily Rosary with meditation. Whether you have been praying the Rosary your whole life or you are new to the Rosary and trying to learn how to pray it, this app is a quality tool to deepen your Rosary meditation, stay organized in prayer, and set prayer goals to keep you striving for new heights in the spiritual life!


Need to pray with someone? Catholify connects the faithful in prayer. Pray the Rosary with other people throughout the world using this app, including live, virtual Rosaries. This app also helps you stay organized and motivated in prayer by scheduling prayer and setting prayer goals.


There are so many great books on the Holy Rosary! Only a short selection is recommended here. These books are considered by many to be a core curriculum on Marian Devotion and the Holy Rosary.

Champions of the Rosary

By Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC

A compendium of the Rosary! This is a must have book for all devoted to the Rosary. Part I details a comprehensive history of the Rosary – its origins, development, and powerful effect on world events. Part II is filled with short biographies and quotes from the great saints and holy men and women who have championed the Rosary throughout the ages. Part III is an instructional guid on praying the Rosary. As an added bonus, the Appendix contains beautiful color images of Rosary-themed works of art!

True Devotion to Mary

By Saint Louis de Montfort

A Marian Classic! True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis de Montfort is one of the single greatest books written on the Blessed Virgin Mary. It teaches us the shortest, easiest, most secure, and perfect way to holiness – the way Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ himself chose! This book will set a firm foundation and unfailing direction for your spiritual life.

The Secret of the Rosary

By Saint Louis de Montfort

A short, power-packed book that will supercharge your devotion to the Rosary. In many ways, this is the companion and field guide to Saint Louis de Montfort’s book True Devotion to Mary, and the inspiration behind Fr. Calloway’s, Champions of the Rosary. This is a book that can be read and re-read many times!

The World’s First Love

By Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

Our Blessed Mother was given to us by Jesus at the cross (John 19:26-27). Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, a saint for our times, unpacks the significance of Mary as our Mother and we as her sons and daughters. The World’s First Love, is moving, witty, and theological deep, yet always accessible to both learned and unlearned in theology. The result of reading this book will be a passionate increase in your love for Our Blessed Mother and her son Jesus!


Power in My Hands

Power in My Hands is an inspirational documentary on the power of the Rosary for everyday, normal people. No matter your circumstances, the Rosary will be a source of consolation and strength as you travel through this vale of tears on your journey toward Heaven. The stories and people in this documentary are just like you and me, and tell their stories of how the Rosary has seen them through life’s challenges and drawn them closer to Our Bless Lord and His Mother.


Rosary Army

An apostolate teaching the faithful how to make knotted, twine rosaries. Download instructions on how to make rosaries so you can begin inspiring others to pray the Rosary! See the instructional video below to learn more about how easy it is to begin making Rosaries.