“I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to infants; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will.”


Luke 10:21

Inspiration for Lady

We must be as children in order to enter the Kingdom of God. Saint Bernadette witnessed to this truth marvelously. Born to a poor family in Lourdes, France, Bernadette was a sickly child lacking education and catechesis. Our Blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette many times in a cave (grotto) outside of Lourdes, and simply called herself “The Lady.” Each day that Mary appeared to her, Bernadette immediately knelt on the ground to pray the Rosary. Our Lady confirmed to this uneducated, yet pious and holy girl, the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Upon Our Lady’s instruction, Bernadette was told to drink of the muddy water near the grotto, which was supernaturally transformed the next day into a spring of clean, fresh water.  Millions of people have visited Lourdes on pilgrimage, and thousands of miraculous healings have occurred by those who have bathed in this spring of living water. The countless spiritual fruits born at Lourdes can all be traced back to the simple, childlike faith and obedience of Saint Bernadette.

Lady pays tribute to both Saint Bernadette and Our Blessed Mother. God layers the events of history with deep significance, purpose and continuity. The events recorded in the Gospels are not mere ideas preserved from the past, but are embodied and lived out in every age by the saints and faithful members of the Church. Likewise, the lives of the saints inspire new acts of faith, hope and love. Lady’s creation started years ago on the day my son Caleb was stillborn – April 16 – Saint Bernadette’s feast day.


We were greatly consoled in our grief by the alignment of dates, and promised to name a future daughter Bernadette in thanksgiving for God’s tender mercy to us in that darkest of moments. Years later, God did indeed bless us with a child whom we named Bernadette. Lady was crafted in the final weeks of our daughter’s pregnancy, and was continually prayed with during her twenty-four hour labor and delivery. On August 6, the Feast of the Transfiguration, our daughter Bernadette was born,  transfiguring our mourning into gladness!

The Remnants

Lady is made primarily from two varieties of blue twine to honor the traditional color attributed to Our Lady. These colors also symbolize the healing spring at Lourdes that God continues to make a place of great miracles. The gold Our Father knots symbolize the Kingdom of God that all children and the childlike have as an inheritance. Saint Bernadette suffered great ridicule for her visions by many people. The purple knots for the Hail Mary’s offered for Faith, Hope, and Love reflect this continual penance that Saint Bernadette offered and endured.  The centerpiece is an image of Saint Bernadette praying the Rosary during one of her mystical visions of Our Lady. With an elegant design fitting for Mary’s Immaculate Queenship, the crucifix was chosen for its feminine and royal appearance.

Lady's Missionary Journey

Prayer Intentions for Lady

Health for the sick and grace and peace for the dying

Those suffering crisis pregnancies or who have suffered the loss of a child during pregnancy or in infancy

Couples suffering from infertility

Those who are traumatized by pregnancy

Those who are materially or spiritually poor

Those suffering persecution for the faith

For the faithful remnant and the intentions of all who pray with Lady

Particular prayer intentions of the individual praying with Lady


Pray the Rosary using Lady. Please pray the general prayer intentions listed above and include your own personal prayer intentions.


Check-in that you have prayed using Lady. Be sure to include your name, where you live, and your personal prayer intentions you prayed during your Rosary with Lady.

Pass Lady On

Give Lady to someone you know who will faithfully pray a Rosary with her. This will continue Lady‘s missionary journey to spread the Gospel and resurrect true culture!

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