Remnant Rosary Instructions

The Remnant Rosary you are holding has a particular name. Please consult the Field Guide accompanying that Remnant Rosary or visit that Remnant Rosary’s page for background on that Remnant Rosary and its accompanying prayer intentions.

Remnant Rosaries are traveling rosaries made from the left over scraps and the rejected, disfigured materials used in rosary making. Like God who takes the parts of us that are broken and disfigured by sin and uses them to transform us into saints, these special Remnant Rosaries are made beautiful and have a purpose despite their former ugliness. Each Remnant Rosary is given a name inspired by God’s saints. As it is passed from person-to-person, prayed with, and travels the country and world, each person and destination is recorded on this website. The hope is that over time, a beautiful and inspiring story is written of God’s Spirit moving upon the earth through each remnant soul that prays on these rosaries.

Before praying the Rosary using a Remnant Rosary, please read the story and inspiration behind that Remnant Rosary.

  • Pray the Rosary using that Remnant Rosary – Include the general prayer intentions accompanying it along with your own personal prayer intentions.
  • Check-in. Use the log-in key listed in the Field Guide for the Remnant Rosary you prayed with. This is our way to validate that you have the Remnant Rosary and are not a poser. Checking-in is a very important step that will document that you prayed with a Remnant Rosary. It also allows you to share your prayer intentions so others can pray for you and your loved ones.
  • When checking-in, include the information requested on the website form. You may list your location as the location you are from or the location you prayed at using Remnant Rosary (e.g. at a shrine, on retreat, traveling on pilgrimage, etc).
  • Like and Share Rosary Remnant on social media. Suggested hashtags to use are:

#(Insert Name of Remnant Rosary)

Example:    #Philomena





  • Give the Remnant Rosary you prayed with to another person you know who will unite with us in prayer and continue that Remnant Rosary’s missionary journey!
  • If you experience problems or difficulties checking-in, or if any questions please e-mail us using the “Contact Us” page.
Grace and Peace to you!