Western culture is dead. We have been unmoored from truth past the point of reclaiming what was once our heritage and birthright. No longer is it a given that what was passed down from generations past as a depository and storehouse of truth, goodness and beauty will be easily accessible to us.  A firm sense of reality has disappeared.   A unified cultural consensus based on truth has been replaced by the idols of pleasure and comfort. The current orthodoxy says that we can be anything and anybody we want. This is a lie. All the resources of science, politics and industry are dedicated to sustaining this lie. The lie is upheld and policed by the incoherent dogma of non-judgementalism. Every moment, every day, every season that we continue in this lie of post-modern relativism, life – true life, filled with beauty, vitality and warmth – leaches from our souls just as the sun desiccates a decaying corpse left on the field after a battle. Our culture is a valley of dry bones. Our culture is dead.

Is there any hope? Yes, but not a hope founded in our own power and resources. Beginning with our own selves, we must be renewed and rebuilt from the inside by Divine Grace. We give God the remnants of our selves and our culture, whatever little remains, and He must breath upon us once more to create something new. The former way of things will not suffice. That, I believe, is beyond repair. A new culture must be born from the faithful and holy remnant that remains. It must be rebuilt starting with each of us.

The heart of God is for the broken and lost things on this earth. His Divine Mercy mends what has been shattered and finds what has been lost. This is most true for his lost and broken sons and daughters. By grace, God restores each willing soul, transfusing His Glory into this new, living vessel of grace. The remnant soul is not a mended and patched version of the old self, but a new creation – a new wineskin filled with new wine. The glory of this new creation radiates forth through Spirit-filled prayer and holiness of life to vanquish the dampening darkness obscuring the truth from other lost souls.

Grace is always a beginning. It places responsibility upon those who receive it to carry it to others who do not have it. There are many spiritual tools and methods that can be wielded to uproot and eliminate the dead things in our selves and the culture around us.  The one that will be promoted, explored, and developed here is the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Rosary is a powerful prayer and spiritual weapon. Great saints and faithful men and women throughout history have used the Rosary to preach the gospel, intercede on behalf of the needy, combat heresy and false teaching, and draw near to Jesus Christ in prayer. The faithful remnant devoted to the Rosary, in union with the angels and saints in heaven, make up the Rosary Remnant.

The dream of Rosary Remnant is simple, but has the potential to set the world on fire through a renewed outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the earth. Our mission is:

Restoring the faithful remnant

through devotion to the Holy Rosary

to resurrect true culture.

As you explore Rosary Remnant, you will find resources to deepen and develop your devotion to the Rosary. You will also find something called Remnant Rosaries. These are traveling rosaries made from the left over scraps and rejected, disfigured parts of rosary making. Just as God takes the left over, rejected and disfigured parts of each us marred by sin and transforms us into glory, so too these special Remnant Rosaries are made beautiful and have a purpose despite their former ugliness. Each Remnant Rosary is given a name inspired by God’s saints. As it is passed from person to person, prayed with, and travels the country and world, each destination is recorded on this website. My hope is that over time, a beautiful and inspiring story is written of God’s Spirit moving upon the earth through each remnant soul that prays on these rosaries!

If you are new to the Rosary, simply begin by committing to praying the Rosary and begin forming the habit of praying it each day. The twenty mysteries of the Rosary represent entry points into the eternal mystery of God’s love for humanity. By combining vocal prayer with meditation upon Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, the Rosary reveals the way forward and provides food for the journey. In short, praying the Rosary will deepen your knowledge of the Gospel, mature your relationship with the Father, and help you to love those you encounter with a saintly love.

Nathan Carr

My name is Nathan and I am the creator of Rosary Remnant. My hope is that this apostolate will help you deepen your love for the Rosary and bring about restoration and renewal to every lost and broken thing or relationship in your life through the power of the Gospel. You are a beloved son or daughter of a loving Father, and He longs to make all things new in your life through His son Jesus Christ in the power of His Holy Spirit!